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The ability to mix metals, the effects and finishes achievable are almost infinite.

Granlyn the coatings specialist
Whether you’re a specifier, designer, original manufacture sub-contractor, refurbisher our system can provide you with the correct solution to achieve the perfect finish.
From commercial vehicles to building cladding, concrete floors to PVC window frames, furniture interiors of luxury boats, jets and bars & restaurants. Whatever the surface coating or painting needs, our system can provide a finish that is easy to apply and offers outstanding adhesion with long term protection.

Metalier Coatings deliver the quality that Granlyn now proudly and exclusively represents in the UK and Ireland.

With Metalier you can:
1. Coat almost anything and make it look like solid metal!
2. Create amazing textures and patterns.
3. Choose from 7 metals and many made-to-mix alloys
4. Patina, wax and polish
5. Access a whole new world of design solutions.

The sprayed metal is polished and finished in a number of ways and when it’s done, it looks just like foundry or sheet metal, but weighs so much less. Metalier’s system comes in three formulas – Solvent, Water-based and Flexible. The Granlyn team can advise which formula is right for your job.

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The difficult becomes achievable. And the impossible possible.

There are seven metals currently available:

Aluminium, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Iron and two special Metalier formulations which HQ calls Canyon and Ravine and we call Smoky Bronze and Gunmetal. In addition, we can make Mountain Gold, Rose Gold, Blush Aluminium and rumour has it that zinc nickel silver will shortly be on the menu.

Metalier has also developed its own range of patinas, polishes and waxes so Granlyn is really able to offer a one-stop Metalier solution shop.

What all this means for applicators and end-users, is that the finest metal coatings and metal veneer are available, easily, exclusively and cost-effectively in the UK and Ireland from Granlyn.

Contact us now to choose your metal, texture and finish.

Call us on 0121 588 7888 or sales@granlyn.co.uk

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Just a few revisions to show you what has already
been imagined with Granlyn.

Private Aircraft interior

Combine Metalier’s asthetic appeal, with the practical benefits of weight savings over solid metal, and our coatings can be used to great advantage in the most challenging environments. The cabin bulkhead of this executive jet interior is a great example of the effects Metalier coatings make possible.

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Million pound yachts

Metalier finishes are ideally suited to environments where quality and consistency of finish are paramount. The interior designers of this yacht have used Metalier iron coating to create surface finishes for furnishings within this state of the art private yacht.

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Signage: Metal Structures

The ability to spray and polish to a shine our water based coatings provides the perfect medium for emulating cast or formed metal structures such as this sign.

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